Sea Star Software Continues Mobile App Development Innovation with Release of Community Finder

Community Finder Sample Analysis

New mobile app gives user access to target market locations using demographics data.

Sea Star Software, Inc. recently debuted its most recent product, Community Finder. This innovative app puts detailed Census data in the hands of users from various backgrounds: real estate developers, marketers, city managers, and entrepreneurs, among others, are able to find prime locations for new enterprises based on their target customer base.

Michelle Palmer, President of Sea Star Software, explains, “Community Finder provides a level of detail of demographic data never before offered as an app. Most programs only allow users to search an area at a higher level such as ZIP code or within a city, but Community Finder allows a user to input target market characteristics such as income, household size, age and race and returns areas which best fits the user’s needs mapped at the Census block level.” The app offers such information for anywhere from any given point in the U.S.

“Where Community Finder truly stands out is with its ability to cut costs with traditional facility siting processes,” Palmer continues. “Because users can access and analyze data for multiple areas within the US on demand, traditional interactions with engineering firms can be reduced. User searches can help to eliminate geographic areas that don’t meet target market requirements right away.”

Sea Star Software has created a dynamic database and analysis engine to search over 11 million census block records as user queries are created The application also contains a mechanism that allows users to create a weighted analysis result from a variety of factors including:

- Median Income

- Population Density

- Housing Size

- Ethnicity

- Race

- Age

“Community Finder complements our existing Demographix mobile application by approaching the data from a different angle.” Palmer states. “While Demographix allows you to analyze an area on a map by a radius or zip code to view population characteristics Community Finder allows you to input your desired characteristics then displays a map view that highlights those areas.”

For further information, visit or contact Michelle Palmer at

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