Demographix Making an Impact on Real Estate Developers and City Development Managers

New mobile app gives users access to block-level Census demographics data

Tallahassee, FL January 21, 2016

Sea Star Software has made a splash with its latest application, Demographix. Currently available in the Apple store, this innovative app puts detailed Census data in the hands of users from various backgrounds: real estate developers, city managers, and entrepreneurs, among others, are able to find prime locations for new enterprises based on their target customer base.

Michelle Palmer, President of Sea Star Software, explains, “Demographix provides a specificity of demographic data never before offered as an app. Most programs only allow users to search by ZIP code or within a city, but Demographix drills down to the Census block level, returning details of income level, gender, age, and other characteristics.” The app offers such information for anywhere from a quarter-mile up to a 50-mile radius from any given point in the U.S.

Demographix has already made a significant impact in its five months on the market. Sonolito Bronson, Economic Development Coordinator for the city of Zion, Illinois, has used the app to help investors and developers identify locations suitable for their interests. “I use the information provided by Demographix to create site sheets for to market properties to real estate brokers. It works perfectly for identifying available properties in our community. I absolutely love it and can see this app being used quite a bit in my office,” said Bronson in praise of Demographix.

Sea Star Software is moving towards the release of Demographix for the Android market as well, based on the overwhelming positive feedback received on the iOS version. “I’m excited about getting Demographix into the hands of Android users,” Palmer stated. “From city development to entrepreneurs trying to find the ideal location for their next Redbox or ice machine, users of Demographix can have the most detailed information available to guide their business decisions.”

For further information, visit!demographix/c1tne [1] or contact Michelle Palmer at

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